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  1. Always use the satin ribbon provided in the box to lift the album out of the box

  2. When placing the album back, make sure the ribbon sits right below the album with some part of it sticking out so it’ll be easy for you to lift the album next time

  3. The BEST METHOD TO VIEW YOUR ALBUM is to either place it on a flat, dust and moisture free surface or placing it on your lap, supporting the front cover with your left hand as you flip through the album. Never the open side of the album to fall below the base line of the album

  4. Always flip through the book by holding the bottom right or bottom left corner of the book. Avoid touching the images or placing your fingers or palms on the images. As there’s no lamination involved, it might damage the prints and quality of images

  5. Do not suspend or lift the album just by the album cover alone. The book block is heavy, and it will stress the binding. The thicker and heavier an album is - the easier it is to damage it

  6. Handle your album with care and with clean hands. Whilst our papers are long lasting, excessive oils and moisture may mark or damage them

  7. While viewing the album do not have any drinks or liquids nearby to avoid any unnecessary spillage over the album

  8. If you notice the spine to slant forward a little, just flip through the album in reverse order (from back to front) to bring the spine back to its normal position


  1. Ensure that the album, when unused, is always inside the box and the bag we have provided. This is ideal for preserving photographic prints

  2. Avoid placing any heavy objects directly on top your album or the box as this may cause dents. In most cases, these dents will resolve themselves over time once the album has been moved to a more suitable storage situation; however, in severe cases, these dents can become permanent

  3. Avoid storing your album in conditions subject to direct sunlight, extreme heat or moisture (ideal humidity is around 40 – 50%). Conditions which are too dry may bend your album whereas humid conditions may cause warping (waving) of the pages

  4. If you notice your book beginning to bend or warp, place it on a clean and flat table, place a piece of paper or sheet covering the book and keep several heavy books stacked on top until the bending/warping disappears (24 to 48 hours). Also, to avoid any ink transfers/smudging or adherence phenomena, place tracing sheets between each page in the album

  5. Even with the best products in the world - harsh light can be a killer! Albums should be protected from excessive light exposure. Although our products are highly resistant to fading, placing an album in direct sunlight for extended periods of time may cause them to fade, similarly, pigments used in the cloth dying process may fade over time if allowed to be exposed to harsh lighting conditions

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